First consultation

When we work together I offer detailed, practical suggestions to help you come back to your natural state of balance.

It can mean addressing digestive or sleep issues, stress and anxious feelings, or supporting you to feel energized, grounded and peaceful. We explore what can be tweaked in your diet and daily life. Small steps over time add up to make a big difference.
There is no fatality in feeling sluggish, restless, agitated, depressed, etc.

Ayurveda works in simple, gentle and effective ways to walk yourself home.

The consultation is in three parts:

- 45mn - 1 hr intake consultation: We will talk about your current health and routines, and discuss where you need support (lifestyle, diet, health concerns).

- 45mn - 1 hr protocol consultation (a few days to a week after the first meeting): I will determine and explain which doshas are out of balance and how Ayurveda can help you back to optimal wellness. I will provide a short list of immediate tips (lifestyle practices, seasonal food choices) to implement. We will discuss how to adjust them to suit your personal life, time requirements, and other considerations, so you are set up for success !

- Email follow up (a week later): I will get in touch with you to follow up and will adjust your protocol or bring more practices to incorporate in your routine.


Follow up consultations

Once we have worked together to estabish your doshic profile and to work with current imbalances, it is useful to revisit these protocols and practices every 2 months or seasonally.

The weather changes, your work situation changes, your personal life changes, and so it is important for optimal well being to adjust to the flow of life. What works in winter doesn’t work anyone in summer, or what works if you’re working from home doesn’t work in the office.

I really enjoy working with you to make sure you are supported in all aspects of your life as you move through various phases.


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